Guided tour of the Udine’s Castle

Take part in this guided tour of the Udine’s Castle, symbol of the city of Udine. A 16th century structure, it is the seat of the Patriarch of Aquileia and of the Venetian lieutenant of the Patria del Friuli. It was declared a museum on 26 July 1906 also on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the union of Friuli Venezia Giulia with Italy. Discover during your visit and guided tour with your local guide what the majestic castle has to offer. On the ground floor there are two museums inside the castle, the first is the museum of the Risorgimento and the second is the archaeological museum. In addition to the two museums inside the castle, there is also the ancient art gallery that houses wonderful works of art from 300 to 800. Among the works and paintings that are kept inside we can find paintings by artists of a certain caliber such as Carpaccio, Caravaggio and Tiepolo. Continuing with the visit and the guided tour you will find the museum of photography with inside 19th and 20th century images of the most important photographers of Friuli such as: Pignat, Bujatti and Brisighelli. Book now your guided tour of the Udine’s castle with one of our expert and certified guides and don’t miss this visit inside one of the most beautiful museum castles in Italy.  

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