Guided tour of the Royal Palace of Genoa

Once you arrive in Genoa do not miss the opportunity to take a guided tour of the Royal Palace, discover together with Evolved Guide and a certified guide, one of the most fascinating and historical attractions of Genoa. Book a guided tour of the Royal Palace. Become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006, the Royal Palace is at the same time a museum, and houses the largest architectural complex of the seventeenth-eighteenth century in Genoa, where are preserved intact to this day, all its interiors, from mobile decorations (such as paintings, sculptures and furniture), to fixed ones (such as frescoes and stuccoes). The palace, therefore, considered one of the largest architectural complexes of the seventeenth century in Genoa, was commissioned in 1643 by Stefano and Giovanni Battista Balbi, where it was later also owned by the Dukes of Savoy. The palace features luxurious decorations, works of art and a hall of mirrors inspired by Versailles, and during your visit and guided tour of the Royal Palace, you can explore its highlights in the company of your certified guide, and even venture up to its rooftop for extraordinary views of the harbour. Inside, in addition to all the heritage it possesses, you will also tour its luxurious halls, where you can admire a rich composition of paintings, works by many Italian and foreign artists such as Tintoretto, Strozzi and Van Dyck, Piola, Grechetto So don’t miss this wonderful attraction, as well as a must see in the beautiful city of Genoa, book now your personalized certified guide and get ready for a Royal tour full of photos on an unforgettable day!

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