Guided tour in the Basilica di Sant’Antonio

A visit and a guided tour in the Basilica of St. Anthony is definitely one of the things not to miss once you arrive in Padua.

The Basilica of the saint in the center of Padua is not only a great cathedral but also the spiritual heart of the city of Padua. Here are the relics of St. Francis of Assisi’s companion.

The basilica is one of the largest churches in the world and is known simply by the people of Padua as the saint, and is continuously visited annually by over 7 million pilgrims, making it one of the most revered sanctuaries in the Christian world.

During your guided tour you will have the opportunity to see the elements that make this basilica one of the most fascinating in the world, in fact the basilica mixes Gothic, Oriental and Romanesque elements (especially evident in the facade and in the front) just the complex of the domes reminiscent of St. Mark’s of Venice but also the French Romanesque architecture of Pèrigord. Inspired by the Byzantine world, the basilica offers so much to see, book now your tour with one of our expert guides and treat yourself to this tour where you will be enchanted and amazed.

Evolved guide with his expert guides will accompany you to discover the art treasures in the Basilica, you will see the main works of art and discover their cultural and religious significance. A beautiful portion of art history is collected between the Saint’s domes and frescoed walls. A heritage of beauty concentrated in a unique monument!

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