Cuneo Walking Tour

First time in Cuneo? Choose Evolved Guide and opt for a Cuneo Walking Tour.

Enter the fantastic atmosphere of this silent, cultured and elegant city in the company of a certified tourist guide.

Discover its history, the culinary traditions, and the architectures that make Cuneo unique.

Built on a human scale, Cuneo is a quiet town where you can enjoy a magnificent holiday full of art and history. Everything seems to be within reach, from the mountains to the sea. It’s even near the border with France.

Choose to embark on an unforgettable journey. Opt for a Cuneo Walking Tour to get to know the history of the city through its main sights. You will not regret it.

Walk the streets of the historic center and visit the Civic Tower, the Madonna degli Angeli Sanctuary, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Woods, the Soleri Viaduct and the Church of the Sacred Heart, the Auditorium and much more.

Few people know that Piedmont has given Italy its birth because some of the most important characters in the history of our country have passed through here, poets, writers, political figures who have changed and created the Italian union.

It is a fantastic land, half an hour away from the sea and half an hour from the mountains, surrounded by the mountain range of the Maritime Alps and a giant called Monviso.

It is a land where man’s respect for nature is anchored in a centuries-old tradition, so much so that it is famous all over the world for the Landes, wines, truffles and much more.

And what are you waiting for!

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