Guided Tour of Ravenna

Visit Ravenna, the largest and historically most important city of Emilia Romagna, by joining a Guided Tour of Ravenna among those proposed by the authorized local guides of Evolved Guide.

Ravenna has been capital three times: it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402 to 476, the capital of the Ostrogoth Kingdom from 493 to 553, and the capital of the Byzantine Army from 568 to 751. For this reason, Christian monuments of Ravenna were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Ravenna is the ideal city of the private walking tour because you can easily move from place to place. This proximity makes it possible to marvel at the colorful mosaics that adorn churches such as the Basilica of San Vitale and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinaire Nuovo and listen to the commentary from an authorized local guide without wasting time travelling.

Choose Evolved Guide, the only platform where all the guided tours in Ravenna are customized by our tour guides. Choose the tour depending on the itinerary, duration, departure time, price and offers. Evaluate the various proposals of our tour guides and choose the option that's right for you! Come home with a unique memory of the private tour of Ravenna thanks to the Evolved-Guide Authorized Private Guide.

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Discover the wonderful mosaics kept inside the main sights of Ravenna by joining the Mosaics of Ravenna Guided Tour. Learn more about the history of the city thanks to the >>
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