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Why not visit Gubbio with Evolved Guide? Gubbio, located in an enchanting green valley of Umbria, still preserves the ancient atmosphere and medieval architecture: if you’re looking for hidden and off-of-beaten paths, then you have to choose one of our Guided Tours of Gubbio!

Evidence of the great Umbrian and Roman past of Gubbio – which has been the place where Romans exiled Gentius, the last king of Illyria – are the invaluable Eugubine Tablets, seven bronze plates discovered in the city that represent the only known document written both in Latin and Umbrian. But it is surely in Middle Ages that the city reached its peak of splendor, organizing as a free Municipality and embellishing its centre with magnificent architectural works, such as the famous ‘hanging-square’ (Piazza Grande) or the stunning Consul Palace, the first to be equipped with an internal aqueduct to carry running water. Gubbio is also deeply linked to the figure of St. Francis of Assisi: the miracle of the Taming of the Wolf is perhaps one of the most famous episodes of the saint’s life.

The licensed guides of Evolved Guide have carefully designed for you the best Guided Tours of Gubbio so you won’t miss even an inch of what is worth to see! Enjoy a Gubbio Walking Tour and visit the historic centre entirely made of gray stone: the monumental Piazza Grande with its Medieval palaces (the Praetorian Palace, the Consul Palace and the Podestà Palace), the Cathedral of Gubbio and the Roman theatre are only a few of the wonders that await you!

Remember that our guides are professionally trained local guides, so you’ll know information that normally cannot be found on the Internet or in books because they are part of local stories, anecdotes and traditions.

Each Gubbio Walking Tour is moreover personalized by each of our guides on what concerns itineraries, durations, departure times and prices. Find the perfect one for you and go back home with an unforgettable experience ensured by Evolved Guide

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