Alberobello Guided Tour

In the heart of the Val d'Itria there is a unique place in the world: Alberobello. Explore it with your Evolved Guide certified local guide with the Alberobello Guided Tour, entirely made up of trulli. The trulli are a particular type of home with a characteristic conical roof; they are built without mortar and they are architecturally perfect and very solid. The trulli were usually built as temporary shelters in the countryside or permanent homes for farmers, it is therefore a type of spontaneous architecture. The great thickness of the walls and the reduced number of openings allow the buildings to be warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, the houses are covered with lime milk, which gives them their characteristic white color: lime milk was mainly used for sterilizing.

Alberobello is characterized by a delicate expanse of pinnacles and a labyrinth of winding alleys, with more than 1000 trulli: their roofs, with the images of crosses, pierced hearts and zodiac signs, give the image of a world steeped in popular culture and mystery. Each trullo was the home of a family and had a courtyard and often a vegetable garden. Discover the curious legend behind the construction of these historic buildings.

Enjoy a magical sunset over Alberobello: you will see an incredible landscape.

In addition to the trulli, Alberobello is also worth visiting for its local craftsmanship and gastronomy.

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