Guided tour to the Royal Palace of Turin

once in Turin, how not to take a visit and a guided tour to the Royal Palace. It was the first and most important Savoy residence in the whole of Piedmont. By booking this guided tour with one of our certified expert guides you will have the chance to discover all the curiosities of the Royal Palace, historical residence of the Savoy family, a family that has been there for more than 3 centuries. they guided the destiny of the city of Turin to his greatest splendor. Come and discover the interior of the Palace with your visit and guided tour of the Royal Palace, where the furnishings reflect the baroque style of the families who dominated Europe at that time and the size of the palace gives an idea of the wealth of these medieval oligarchs. Accompanied by one of our certified expert evolved guides first, you will see the Royal Apartments, listening to stories of the royal family and admiring majestic chandeliers, fine carpets, elegant tapestries and finely inlaid furniture, in huge rooms with frescoes on the walls. Your guided tour continues inside the Royal Palace where you will also see the Beaumont Gallery and visit the Royal Armoury, where you will find one of the largest collections of weapons and armour in the world. A passion of King Charles Albert, which began in 1832 after all the paintings were moved from the Beaumont Gallery to the Royal Art Gallery and he decided to set up the Gallery with weapons and armour. One of the main groups in the collection is from the 16th century, but you can also see some oriental armour. Now choose your personal certified guide and get ready for a real royal tour.

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