Guided tour of underground Turin

If you are a lover of mystery and want to experience the unknown first-hand, then don’t miss this visit and guided tour of underground Turin. Evolved guide takes you to the discovery of Turin in a rather indifferent way. Turin is one of the most mysterious and fascinating cities in all of Italy, Evolved Guide and with a local guide chosen by you, you will have the opportunity to book this intriguing and exciting experience to discover the underground city that so many times, throughout history, has proved to be an escape route for citizens. At a depth of 10 meters underground the noisy sounds of the city so alive will go out, giving space to an unknown part of Turin; a part made of treasures, relics and historical events that have left an indelible mark over time. An experience that combines history and legend in an exciting itinerary to the centre of the earth. During your visit and guided tour in the underground Turin, you will discover the history of Turin where in 1706 it was besieged, let me tell you about the military strategies 15 meters underground and the gesture with which Pietro Micca (Italian military) saved the city. A local guide will tell the story of this exceptional part of the city with legends of murders and mysteries. If you love detective stories, you have nothing left to do but choose your own certified personal guide and get ready for a tour of underground Turin full of mystery and amazement.

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